HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. I'm curious, anybody still has the mio tv contract in black and white or something. Is it written anywhere on it that we have to return everything including the cable to those specific locations? You can only dump at their service centre.

I dump mine at the AMK hub. What is STD? Does it include the wireless router? How do you all terminate Singtel Mio bundle? For me, I call one month in advance to terminate. The operator said cannot take down my request, must terminate on the actual last day of contract.

Hence, I call one month later last day of contract. The operator said need 7 working day to process. And it will terminate on 7 working days later.

And I must return the set, cable, controller on the day which it terminate 20 Sept I said I want to return before this date.

She raise her voice and keep repeat No. Why I cannot return earlier? Why I cannot terminate by give one month notice? I returned at causeway point hello shop. They would say termination will be 7 days. But i wrote email and ask why we still have to pay for 7 days while we dont get the service. So they will send you cheque for this 7 days. So isit a must to return at designated post office or any hello shop will do?I also wanted to retain my existing starhub home number.

Till date, I was advised not to return my starhub settop box until the Home number from starhub internet gets ported over to Singtel.

Call or visit any SingTel shop to sign up for these exclusive offers. Postpaid mobile customers can chat to their heart's content with 48 hours of free incoming and outgoing calls and SMS over the first two days of the Lunar New Year. Not only Singtel allows me to do the re-contract after 7 months, they even give me a S0 hand phone discount!

This offer is valid until October 31, Pause, play and rewind your fav shows with Singtel Video-on-Demand. Usually mio Plan customer can re-contract after 12 months. Singtel TV Cable Television brings the best of entertainment with over channels! Surf through our TV guide to find the best TV shows and movies, organised by genre and numbered into an easy-to-use 3-digit format.

Returning my Singtel MIO box and canceling the subscription. Download the app to enjoy the following: 1. The apology from singtel sounds very much like they're blaming us for switching channels. And in order to do port-in the salesgirl asked me to come again after few days. Also, the items to return are the mio box, the power supply and the remote controller.

Host Richard Lenton and his guests, will give up-to-the-second updates and commentaries on concurrent BPL matches while you watch the matches at home.

If never return, my 2 years contract expires next month. Singtel shop,specs for iphone 4 eeded with ft paced up and down his office, five steps each w. Do make sure that your contract is over, else there will be termination fee. Generally, the more channels you want, the more you should be prepared to pay. However, it has been one week and my fibre home line is still not activated.

With this, users can enjoy live channels on more than one TV screen at home without having to connect to additional set-top box! While stocks last.HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. Last edited by Computeron; at PM. Computeron wrote: they said mio box, and remote control and power adaptor. The Motorola sets consist of the power brick AND the cord. If you separate the above, it is 4 items you must return. Not sure what to do with them lol.

Tokieda wrote: calland then go down to return. Need to ask. Hi, I've returned the set to SingTel yesterday. Called on 3 separate occasions, was advised differently where to drop the equipment. Went down to Tampines, wah long queue. When it was finally my turn after a long wait, I was told that Tampines doesn't do equipment return. Was re-directed to Paya Lebar instead. Equipment returned successfully. Hope this helps. Kvicez wrote: Hi, I've returned the set to SingTel yesterday.

Singpost at Killiney road also accepts returns after you notify Singtel via Just returned mine today. When we return at counter, do they then terminate there, or they terminate on the phone first.

Is there then much checking and processing or time wasted at the counter? Wolfaro wrote: can return singpost? Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are On. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Singtel mio tv termination.

There is usually confusion when term "mio box" is referenced. The set-top box need to be returned, together with its remote control and power adaptor. It has only one power adaptor, the one you plug to the set-top box at one end and the other end to the power socket.HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook.

Asking for a friend, thx. Feel free to reach out to us here on Mondays to Fridays 9 am to 6 pm. I feel Singtel TV Go while a great idea limits itself from being an excellent one?

Singtel TV celebrates 10th Anniversary with loyal customers!

For example the limited supported device list is a bit of a let down! In this way one does not need to have to upgrade the set top box and recordings can even be done via the app perhaps? Price Plan, packages Why not have a "Singtel Gold" plan where every channel present and future is included and make it seriously value for money for say retirees who watch lots of TV daily by throwing in a MBps fiber internet plan FOC?

Hi Singtel, I'm an existing subscriber of singteltv, may I know is it possible for me to hang on to the box after my contract ends, and I'm not intending to renew?

Singtel shop to return mio tv

Adi Dassler wrote: Hi Singtel, I'm an existing subscriber of singteltv, may I know is it possible for me to hang on to the box after my contract ends, and I'm not intending to renew? Hi SingTel, Is there a wifi mesh bundle promo currently going on? More details on this promo? Bundled with 1gbps? After deduction of free months and the addition of WiFi mesh subscription, it's 54 plus. So I should bring the ONT down to your service centre for an exchange? Singtel tech will test out the set top box with their own router and see if it works.

They won't provide support to your own 3rd party router. If u choose manual settings, u need to choose tagged instead of untagged. Coming to the presets, choose singtel others and do a reboot of your router. Then attempt again. If not, check if you have any error message of purely no picture? Nitrile wrote: my singtel TV is not working with my new router.HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook.

Just for clarification TV box i returned, controller spoiled. Power adapter, they waived the charge Will Singtel test the whole set top box upon return? I think controller and power adapter condition are acceptable. But loss of set top box?!

Next week I will be returning my Starhub set top box. Let me share my experience. I'm finally free of SingtelTV!! Short notes for those who want to do the same: - no need to call to cancel - return Singtelshop Causeway Point, Jurong Point, Tampines Mall or Westmall - no equipment test, just make sure you have all the correct boxes, power adapters and remote control - termination is effective the next day.

Thanks for the tip It is really useful for those who is going to terminate their Singtel TV service. Feel free to reach out to us here on Mondays to Fridays 9 am to 6 pm.

Last edited by Singtel; at AM. Hi Singtel any new store added in the list? We saw your post in another thread about the conflicting information provided by our staff over the phone.

Let us clarify on this matter: Singtel TV customers who wish to terminate their pay TV service can head down to the following Singtel Shops to return their equipment: 1 ComCentre 2 Tampines Mall 3 Causeway Point 4 Jurong Point 5 West Mall As the Singtel Shop at West Mall will be closed for renovation soon, we recommend that you head to the other four outlets, unless you intend to cancel by today or tomorrow. If you are not the subscriber of the service, an authorization letter along with original ICs of the authorized individual and subscriber are required.

Hope this clarifies, thanks. Hi, has anyone terminated SingTel TV lately? Do we have to call before returning the equipment? Dear Singtel Hi, my Singtel installation took place on the 14th dec I had switched from starhub to Singtel.

Till date, I was advised not to return my starhub settop box until the Home number from starhub internet gets ported over to Singtel.

However, it has been one week and my fibre home line is still not activated. Why is there such a delay? Now I am stuck with two providers while I cannot cancel starhub subscription due to this delay even though I do not use any of the starhub service.

Called ur call centre also no update given. The technician who did the installation informed that once Singtel gets the number released from starhub, they will do the switch automatically latest by 18th.

This has NOT happened. Last edited by mlmooy; at AM. They will then tell u to bring the remote, set top box and power adapter to designated SingTel retail shops. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are On.Yes, you are right I spent 30 minutes on the phone They do not provide the services that they had agreed on the contract and yet I cannot terminate it without paying termination charges! If their services are good, then it makes sense for the charges.

However, since they can't even provide me with a reliable connection, isn't them the ones who forfeited on their contract? Shouldn't they be the one compensating me? I don't understand the logic! IDA should do something about this. Dear Anonymous, I understand your predicament. However, that is how it is. Anyway, for your case, if you are unsatisfied due to video freezing issue, call them and demand they fixed it.

Call them everyday until they are tired of you. I did that before and after so many visits, the last technician found rust in the cable outside my home and fixed it. I strongly suggest you call the singpost branch that you'll be visiting. I made my way to JP branch, only to be told that their mio tv termination system is down! The staff there told me to try at the paya lebar branch.

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What a wasted trip! I just went to jrg pt and found out the termination service is unavailable. What a waste of trip. Was so pissed off!!! Or why cant they do the termination at every outlet. Oh not forgetting my hotline service took almost an hr cause i need to terminate my mio tv and my broadband Ding dong here, ding dong there. They think we are so free is it? Thanks vm. Really appreciate the info on the things to bring down. I too went through the phone call earlier, and then ask to call again when expiring.

They then tried to offer me one month free, but as I do not need it, they said it would be terminated only when I return. They took my email and as an extra measure took my mobile number and they said they will email me pictures of what the equipment look like and where the 4 offices are - the email and the sms never came. That was three days ago. Fortunately, a google search brought me to your helpful tips. Very bad experience at the Comcentre to return my Mio Box. I waited 20 mins and I couldnt not wait anymore as I have to rush to work, so i ask for other alternatives and the reply from the CSO, no you gotta wait and pointing his finger at the queue behind me and say "these people also have to work".

Instead of goin thru all the 4 centres. Hi garfeel, Thanks for the valuable information. I will add it in. It is possible that SingTel Shop actually accepts termination as well. Will get SingTel to provide this information. Thanks for the confirmation.This Privacy Policy lets you know what information we collect when you use our services, why we collect this information and how we use the collected information. Please note that this Privacy Policy will be agreed between you and BetBull.

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