Once you have chosen an engine, it is time to select a computer and wiring harness to control the engine. While many industry names have been used to describe the computer that controls the engine, Ford refers to its system as the Powertrain Control Module or PCM. Wiring the system is the most difficult part of any swap, and with all the changes Ford has made over the years and the upgrades to computers, it is a source of apprehension to most builders.

diagram based sca engine wiring harness completed

You can choose between an aftermarket or the factory system that originally came with your engine. Both types have benefits and drawbacks. Follow the recommendations in this chapter to select the best computer and wiring system for your engine. The newer the engine, the more difficult it is to use a factory system. If you have a Coyote engine, therefore, you should strongly consider an aftermarket or Ford Control Pack system, which will allow you to tune your engine according to your application.

If you use a factory Ford computer and harness, make sure you acquire or have all the necessary parts, including sensors, boxes that bolt to the firewall, etc. Determine what, if any, other components from the donor vehicle you would like to use e. Some of these systems are best controlled using a factory computer. If you want to use only the engine, an aftermarket computer may be your best option. Make sure that the system you choose is legal.

Some of these systems cannot be used in pollution-controlled vehicles. Two of the biggest advantages to the modular engine are the amount of data you can retrieve from the computer system, and the ability to tune the engine through re-programming. Error codes and data logging help determine what components may need attention, and most systems now work over Wi-Fi. This is an SCT X3 programmer being used to download a new performance profile into a modular-engine Mustang.

The factory system allows you to use and control components such as automatic transmissions, ABS units, and fuel systems without extra controllers. Retaining the original computer and harness for your engine type is simpler and easier than using an aftermarket computer because you can use the factory plugs and the original wiring and sensors. Ford has used at least four different computer systems to control the modular engines.

These computers are all mass airflow design, so they must use an airflow meter to measure the amount of air going into the engine. Ford made constant improvements to the engines and controls throughout the years, and along with the base computer, the control systems also changed.

The location of components can be a disadvantage and often an obstacle with the factory system. Ford also has used some creative routing for some of the wires, requiring you to get all the wiring harnesses from your donor car. Ford is generally very good at keeping wire colors consistent, but is notorious for changing the location of signals in a connector and changing the sex of the connector, even within model years. Ford made it increasingly difficult to mix and match the wiring harnesses because of various options on the vehicle.

Ford may have multiple harnesses within a year and model that cannot be interchanged. If you are going to use a Ford harness and computer in your swap, make sure you get all the wiring and electronic parts from the donor car.

Buying every sensor or component from Ford can be very expensive. The first modular engines installed in full-size Fords used the reliable but now aging EEC-IV computer from the s. The wiring for the early Crown Vics and Grand Marquis does not convert well to other chassis.

Swapping Ford Modular Engines: Wiring Guide

The following are brief synopses of the Ford computer systems:. Ford used this computer system throughout the s and EEC-V replaced it in All of these systems were the mass airflow type and used coil packs modular engines do not use a distributor.

diagram based sca engine wiring harness completed

These systems were unusual in layout because they had some extra relay boxes, and this makes the conversion a bit cumbersome compared to later wiring harnesses.Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site.

Time frames shown are subject to change, cut-off times are based off of AEST. We are currently experiencing high order volumes which may result in delays in delivery time. See Full Shipping Terms. Multi-fixture application allows the installation of a second driving light without the need for modification, with high quality prewired cables and connections that make installation a breeze.

This SCA driving light harness is suitable for a wide range of passenger vehicles and 4WD's, with H4 plug and play adapters as well as manual tap-in connection options available. You don't have to be an electrician to get going either thanks to a super easy to follow design, so make sure you have one of these kits handy when installing your next set of driving lights.

Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. To find out more including how to change your settings, please see our Privacy Policy. Menu AU. New Zealand. Login Join now. Supercheap Auto. Search Catalog Search Go. Shop by Category Car Care. In Car Tech. Spare Parts. Marine Care. Polishing Polishers Polishing Accessories. Seat Cushions. Dash Mats. Boot Mats. Steering Wheel Covers. Seat Belt Covers.These harnesses are made to the exact O. You will NOT have to cut any wires, crimp any terminals, or make any modifications to these harnesses when installing them in your classic car or truck.

Are you keeping your vehicle all factory-original? If you want to rewire your vehicle to its stock configuration, the way it was when it left the factory, the choice is simple. You can also purchase additional wiring harnesses if your vehicle had factory-installed not dealer installed or aftermarket options. For example: air conditioning, power windows, rear window defogger, power top, etc. These additional harnesses will plug directly into the main harnesses as they did at the factory.

Are you keeping your vehicle mostly factory-original with specific modifications? Due to the popularity of these updates, we may offer a modified wiring harness, conversion wiring harness, or conversion device to accommodate these updates. Rewiring the entire vehicle as-original. Then making the necessary modification yourself.

Keep in mind that many of the added aftermarket devices you purchase like gauges, lighting, electric fans, etc. All you need to do is to tap into your wiring harness to add those devices. All of these individual harness are sold separately, installed separately, and plug into each other to complete the entire electrical system of the vehicle.

We recommend that you install your new harness as you are removing your old one. This way, you can be more certain that the wires are routed as original and that the wires are going to their intended devices. Please see our FAQ page for more information about installation options. Not sure what to buy?

As a matter of fact, your vehicle's original wiring was only designed to last 10 years before it started to deteriorate! There is ample documentation to substantiate this claim. Even if you think your wiring "looks good", it's probably not.

Factory-Original Reproduction Wiring Harnesses for Classic & Muscle Cars

Your wiring is made of copper wire with a covering of plastic mostly PVC insulation. This insulation is porous.Buying Advice. Pro Talk. Photos New media New comments Search media. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Today's Posts. Unread Posts. Search forums.

Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. New Scag wiring harness issue with Kawasaki engine. Thread starter Omer55 Start date Aug 7, Omer55 Forum Newbie. Joined Aug 7, Threads 2 Messages 5. Hello, I'm new to the forum here and thought I'd see if someone might could help me out. I posted this in the Kawasaki forum as well, since I wasn't sure which forum this applies.

diagram based sca engine wiring harness completed

Helping a friend install a new wiring harness that got torn up on his Scag turf tiger with a Kawasaki FDD engine. No spark getting to plugs. While we had the key on, the connector to the coil starting smoking getting hot. We found there to be 12volts on the coil wire of both coils. My understanding is these wires to the coil are for the "kill" circuit that allows you to shut your engine off.

So I believe there should not be 12 volts on these wires.Welcome to Wiring Harness Restoration. We offer complete rebuilding, basic and major repair, full restoration and customizing of your wiring harnesses. If it has anything to do with DC electrics, we can fix, rebuild, or restore it. We can either fix it or we will make you an offer on it. We rebuild, restore, and customize all types of wiring harness.

diagram based sca engine wiring harness completed

Automotive — overseas and domestic, marine, aviation, motorcycles, and everything in between. We offer upgrades to make your harness better than it was when it was new.

Including the use of non-biodegradable insulation so the rodents will not eat it and it will not become brittle because of under hood heat. We are happy to answer all questions, just use our handy form and we will get back to you or call or text us toll-free, Please note, our phone line can get very busy, email or form is the fastest way to get in touch with us, that is info wiringharnessrestoration.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Do you have photos? Click or drag a file to this area to upload. You are welcome to send up photos but we cannot give a quote based on the photos Comment or Message Email Submit. Wiring Harness Restoration.

Harness Info What is the harness on? You are welcome to send up photos but we cannot give a quote based on the photos. Comment or Message.My XJ-S was now twenty-five years old. Every time I moved the Fuel Injector harness, which resides in the death valley "V" of the V engine, it sounded like breaking spagatti.

I could see broken rubber boots, missing insulation and bare wire at many of the fuel injector connections. Finally, I noticed one bank of the engine running slightly richer that the other for no apparent reason. The time had come to rebuild the Fuel Injection harness and re-furbish the fuel injectors. They did not charge me for the two cold start injectors. The price included new injector seals and hoses. Examination of many current cars indicated that they have far superior fuel injector harness connections.

After doing some research, I was determined to use a connection made by MSD part number MSD that was made from ridged plastic, was waterproof and featured a spring clip that locked the connection onto the injector.

The available information claimed that this connection was for "Bosh" fuel injectors. These connectors are available from a number of sources including Del City.

I also needed special heat resistant wire. I don't recommend regular wire in this environment. There are a couple of ways to do this project. Plan "A" is the easiest. Remove the old harness, and using it as a guide, build the new harness one wire at a time, essentially duplicating the existing harness. Plan "B". Use the old harness to draw a detailed wiring diagram. The wiring diagram must include the wire locations at all injectors and the plug. I kept the wire polarity identical to the existing harness.

Build the harness based on the diagram taking into account any re-routing or repositioning of the harness. The cold start injectors' bypasses the Amplifier plug and connects directly to the main wiring harness.

As the wiring diagram below shows one side is grounded and the signal side actuates based on the thermotime sensor. The V fires injectors in banks of three. As the following schematic illustrates, four wires are responsible for each bank. Wiring diagram for all twelve injectors. The wire numbers correspond to the amplifier plug wire numbering methodology. Pictured below is a diagram of the rear of the amplifier plug. Tag all injector connections and remove the old fuel injector harness.

It was a miracle that the car was still working.

Dual battery system \u0026 DC-DC charger install - LandCruiser 200 - Redarc BCDC1225D Project 200

It looked and felt like wire melting on a brutally hot V engine for the last 25 years. It literally started to fall apart in my hand. You have carefully and accurately drawn your wiring diagram based on the harness and amplifier plug. You have checked it twice. You are confident that it is absolutely correct. Now you can cut the wires at the plug.

Leave enough slack to connect the new wires. Ed Sowell had completed a similar fuel injection harness rebuild project and was kind enough to send me approximately feet of SLX wire for his cost.

The different colors are not necessary for this project, however they do reduce the wire identification process. Be prepared to replace all the wires that are routed across the engine.Mike Anderson as well as Cory Anderson went above and beyond in helping me with financial and vehicle decisions.

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